Fire design of steel structures

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European Framework

The modern European framework provides detailed guidelines for the design of steel structures against fire loads. By following the design procedure of the "fire" Eurocodes (EC1-1-1 and EC3-1-2), the required fire protection of each structural element can be determined, so that its load carrying capacity is preserved for a given time duration.

How it works

To facilitate the design process, our team has developed a custom software (ECfire) that achieves a final design in compliance with the modern European regulatory framework of the Eurocodes.

Typical workflow

A typical design workflow is a follows. After the design in ambient temperature is concluded, the critical temperature of each member is determined by performing the necessary calculation in the domain of mechanical resistances. To facilitate construction, usually the members are grouped together based on their structural function, critical temperature and assembly.

What checks are performed?

All the necessary validation checks according to the provisions of EN1993-1-2 are performed. Checks are performed both at the section level as well as at member level, for members prone to buckling. Finally, connections are also checked at elevated temperatures to ensure the safety of the structure.

Do I have to redesign the structure?

Even if our team has not designed the structure for normal-temperature design scenarios, we can guarantee the compliance with the original design. For that, we work closely with the detailed structural design team and the rest of project consultants. A key factor is that the original structural model (SAP, ETABS, StaadPro etc.) can be utilized so that all the design assumptions are the same between the original and the fire design.

Does it worth the time?

The design against fire actions is mandatory for new structures. Some member states have included in their national fire regulations conservative approaches by demanding sufficient fire protection to achieve a low critical temperature (such as 500 and 550 degrees) for the required time demand. Our experience has shown that a detailed fire design can lead to a significant reduction in fire protection materials. Thus, the construction is faster and more economic. Do not hesitate to contact us to provide you with a detailed estimation and offer regarding your project.